Recognising acts of bravery by bestowing awards on those who risk their lives to save others.


The Royal Humane Society works to a very limited budget. The Society's Councillors gladly give of their time in an honorary capacity. The very modest revenue derived from contributions is spent exclusively on the administrative costs of the Society's charter "to reward (or rather recognise) human bravery when saving or endeavouring to save life". The Society has been fulfilling its charter since 1877.

If you would like to contribute to the Society's endeavours, the address is:

Royal Humane Society of New South Wales
PO Box A830
Sydney South NSW 1235

Contributions are gratefully acknowledged in the Society's Annual Report and on our website.


The Royal Humane Society of New South Wales gratefully acknowledges the continuing support of its major donors.

NSW Government

Fire and Rescue NSW

Mr J. D.O. Burns

Employees of the NSW Fire Brigades Relief and Welfare Fund

The Society is most appreciative of support from:

Councillors of the Royal Humane Society

  • NSW Police Force
  • Fire and Rescue NSW
  • Ambulance Service of New South Wales

Latest recipients

Senior Constable Dustin Arentz awarded a Bronze Medal

Peter O’Malley awarded a Certificate of Merit

Sergeant Melissa Dimmock awarded a Bronze Medal