2003-2004 Recipients & Citations

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Senior constable Bradley ROSS, Police Service NSW, Eden

Senior Constable Kerrianne MARKULIN, Police Service NSW, Wagga Wagga

Ambulance Officer, Anthony HARDY, Ambulance Service of NSW


Senior Constable Francis O’BRIEN, Police Service NSW, Merimbula

Ambulance Officer Terry GATES, Ambulance Service of NSW

for their actions in the rescue of injured crewmen from the yacht “Renegade” during stormy conditions near Twofold Bay.

During the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race in 1998, extreme weather conditions were encountered by all yachts along the southern New South Wales coastline, causing many to withdraw from the race. Indeed, the conditions were so violent and treacherous, that six sailors lost their lives, and many others were badly injured and required helicopter evacuation.

In the early hours of 28 December, the Eden Coastal Patrol received a distress call, and the Eden Police Launch, with Senior Constable Ross, Senior Constable O’Brien, Ambulance Officer Gates and Ambulance Officer Hardy on board, set out into Twofold Bay in search of the strickened yacht. The yacht had suffered a 360 degree rollover, lost all electrics and a motor failure, and a crew member had been washed overboard, but luckily retrieved.

During the subsequent search in atrocious conditions, while locating a number of vessels on emergency moorings, they were unable to find the strickened yacht. The Police Launch then received a call from another yacht concerning an injured crewman who was being returned to the Eden Wharf for treatment. The Police Launch immediately returned to the wharf to off load Ambulance Officer Gates and Senior Constable O’Brien to handle this emergency.

At the wharf, the Police Launch took on board Senior Constable Markulin and returned to the bay in search of the strickened yacht. Still unable to locate it inside the bay, it was decided to extend the search out to sea.

With continuing appalling weather conditions, but improving visibility with breaking daylight, they eventually located the strickened yacht, and manoeuvred close enough to it for Ambulance Officer Hardy to jump on board the yacht. The injured crew member, together with another crewman, were treated on board, and then with extreme difficulty were transferred across to the Police launch. Senior Constable Markulin assisted Ambulance Officer Hardy with the transfer of the patients, while Senior Constable Ross skilfully manoeuvred the Police launch clear of the yacht.

On return to Eden Wharf, the injured yachtsmen were transferred to Pambula Hospital for treatment.


Acting Sergeant Dean Blacker, Kogarah Police,

Senior Constable Dallas Leven, City East Highway Patrol

for their actions during a motor vehicle fire following a collision at Zetland.

On the evening of 10 November 1999, a vehicle accident occurred on Southern Cross Drive at Zetland, trapping the driver inside the burning vehicle.

Sergeant Blacker and Senior Constables Leven and Johnson arrived at the scene, and Blacker attempted to douse the fire with his extinguisher. Blacker then smashed a window, turned off the car’s engine which was fuelling the fire, and attempted to extricate the driver. He ascertained that the driver was breathing but unconscious.

While Senior Constable Johnson concentrated on extinguishing the vehicle fire, Sergeant Blacker and Senior Constable Leven smashed other windows, and continued their attempts to extricate the trapped driver. During this time, there was the continuing danger that the fire may engulf the whole vehicle.

The fire was finally doused, and the driver was treated for his injuries by an off duty nurse, Bev Simpson, who stopped to render assistance.

Police rescue and Ambulance arrived soon after, and successfully released and treated the injured driver.

Senior Constable Johnson and Ms Simpson received Letters of Commendation for their actions in this incident.


Senior Firefighter Bradley Kelleher, NSW Fire Brigades,

Senior Firefighter Maxwell Campbell, NSW Fire Brigades

for their action at a house fire at Orchard Hills.

On the afternoon of 1 November 2001 a fire broke out in a single storey brick residence at Orchard Hills. The house was well alight, with large clouds of thick black smoke coming from the entire roof area, when emergency services arrived. Believing an elderly woman was inside, firefighters Kelleher and Campbell donned breathing apparatus and forced entry through the front of the building.

With part of the roof collapsing, and the threat of other parts collapsing, the exhausted firefighters finally emerged from the burning smoke-filled premise carrying an elderly female.
Regrettably, the lady died later at Mt Druitt Hospital.


Robert Jose, 1/59 Kembla St, Port Kembla,.


Willem Bras, 9/21 Wilson St, Wollongong

for their actions in attempting to save a person from drowning at Port Kembla.

On the evening of 22 January 2002, Robert Jose and a friend were fishing from a jetty at Port Kembla, when his friend suffered a seizure and fell into the water.

Jose ran for help, but could not find anyone, so immediately returned to assist his friend. He dived into the water, located his friend, and began floating him back towards shore.

Jose’s cries for help were heard from a nearby tug, which threw the youths a life ring, while William Bras dived overboard from the tug to assist.

Police arrived at the scene and assisted the three persons from the water. Regrettably, Jose’s friend was found to be deceased.


Rod Harvey, 8/8 Norlyn Avenue, Ballina 


Greg Hackfath, 78 Middle Boambee Rd, Boambee

for the rescue of a man from the sea at Coffs Harbour.

In the early evening of 27 January 2002 Rod Harvey was alerted to two swimmers caught in a rip at Diggers Beach about 70 metres from shore.

Harvey entered the treacherous surf on a surf board, but after paddling out some distance, was unable to locate the swimmers. Directions from people on the shore assisted Harvey to locate one swimmer, whom he placed on his board, and then began to paddle further out to sea to escape the breaking surf.

Unable to return to the beach with the distressed swimmer, Harvey indicated to the shore that assistance was required.

Shortly after, Greg Hackfath, who had been alerted to the incident by the police, entered the water with rescue equipment. After searching for some time, he finally located Harvey and the rescued swimmer some 750 metres out to sea.

Unsure of whether the Police Rescue Launch was on its way, and with failing light and heavy seas, Hackfath told Harvey to paddle with him to a safer location at Charlesworth Bay. Soon after this, the Police Rescue Launch arrived, and returned the three men to safety. 


Senior Constable Michelle Therese Cunningham, Manning Great Lakes

for the rescue of a distressed woman from the surf at Forster.

On the evening of 26 March 2002, Constable Cunningham and another police officer had become involved with a distressed woman over the custody of her two children, and subsequently reported the matter to the authorities at Manning Base Hospital.

On further checking with the hospital later that evening, Constable Cunningham was informed that the woman had indicated she was going to commit suicide. Cunningham, accompanied by another police officer, went to the woman’s home. They were unable to locate her, but found a suicide note, and subsequently located the woman’s vehicle at Forster Beach.

The police officers eventually located the woman, who immediately ran into the surf. With the other police officer shining a torchlight on the woman, Constable Cunningham entered the surf and made her way out to the distressed woman.

After a struggle, Cunningham was able to subdue the woman and bring her back to shore, where other police finally handed her over to ambulance officers. 


Timothy Mark Manton, 99 Maitland Street, Narrabri

for his actions during a building fire at Narrabri.

On the evening of 1 June 2002, fire broke out in the Club House Hotel, Narrabri. Mr Manton became aware of the fire, went to the rear of the hotel and started banging on windows and searching for any occupants that might have been trapped.

On hearing a faint cry for help, he attempted to enter a rear door, but was driven back by heat and smoke. He then smashed a window with his hands, located a distressed woman and was able to drag her to safety through the window. 


Victoria Friend, “Talbarear” via Walgett

for her actions following an aircraft crash in bushland near Coolah.

On 2 January 1999, Ms Friend was a passenger in a light aircraft, piloted by her fiance, when the aircraft encountered difficulties, clipped a tree top, crashed and caught fire.

Both persons on board were severely injured in the crash, and Ms Friend’s fiance was able to record the events of the accident on the tail section of the aircraft.

Throughout the ordeal, and despite her severe burns and injuries, Ms Friend comforted her fiance, and found him water and shelter.

After nearly two days, the crash site was located, and Ms Friend was transported to hospital. Regrettably, her fiance succumbed to his injuries prior to the rescuers arriving.


Probationary Constable Brock Wills, Tamworth Police,  .


Sheree Chapman, 37/41 Bylong Road, Tamworth

for their actions in the rescue of a woman from a home unit fire at North Lambton.

On the evening of 13 September 2002, Probationary Constable Wills and Ms Sheree Chapman were visiting family in North Lambton, when they became aware of a fire which had broken out in the next door unit.

The screen door to the burning unit was locked, the entry smoke filled, and the occupant could not be roused.

Constable Wills telephoned emergency services, then cut through the security door and entered the unit in search of the female occupant. He found her unconscious on a bed, and her condition was very weak.

Wills was unable to open a window to ventilate the unit, and was becoming affected by smoke inhalation. His attempts to rouse the woman were unsuccessful, and on lifting her off the bed, he discovered she was severely burnt from the burning mattress.

The woman regained consciousness at this stage, and with Wills’s help, they moved towards the door. Regrettably, the woman collapsed and Wills continued to support her weight and move her toward the door.

Becoming concerned for the safety of Constable Wills, Chapman entered the unit and assisted Wills and the collapsed occupant to safety.

Constable Wills spent approximately 7 minutes in the smoke-filled unit, and was treated for smoke inhalation. The woman suffered severe burns, and was treated at John Hunter Hospital.


Constable Simon Thomas Steel, Maroubra Police,

Probationary Constable Ross Andrew Lawson, Eastern Beaches L.A.C.

for the rescue of a woman from rugged terrain near Maroubra.

Late on the afternoon of 29 September 2002, the NSW Police were alerted to the matter of a missing woman, who was suffering from a medical condition, and concern was expressed that she may be considering self harm.

After locating the missing woman’s vehicle at South Maroubra beach, Constables Steel and Lawson commenced searching for the woman along the beach. The search conditions were quite extreme, as the terrain in the area was covered in low scrubby vegetation with numerous gullies and crumbling rock base. The search was further hampered by an imminent electrical storm and extreme darkness.

The woman was eventually located in an unconscious state, and Steel and Lawson immediately rendered first aid to stabilise her condition.

Emergency personnel were contacted, and eventually the patient was recovered and moved to a waiting ambulance.


Constable Andre Ross, NSW Police,

Constable Neal Snowden, NSW Police,

Probationary Constable Mark DeManuele, NSW Police,

Constable Gregory Huxtable, NSW Police

for their actions at the scene of a motor vehicle fire at Woollahra.

At about midnight on 22 October 2002, Constables Snowden and Ross were attending a task in Woollahra when they heard a vehicle crash.

On searching nearby streets, they found a taxi, which had crashed into a wall, catching fire and pinning the driver in the cabin.

Snowden and Ross called for emergency assistance, and then went to release the driver. Despite the fire being near the petrol tank and gas cylinder, the constables were able to turn off the ignition, but were unable to release the driver.

Constables Huxtable aand DeManuele arrived, and together, the four police were able to release the driver and extinguish the fire.


Jason Andrew Davis, 2 Wendy Drive, Point Clare,

Rodney Stuart King, 29 Curzon Ave, Bateau Bay

for their actions at the scene of a home unit fire at Gosford.

Early in the evening of 2 October 2002, fire broke out in a third floor home unit in Gosford. Unable to extinguish the blaze, the female occupant telephoned 000, and called for help from her balcony.

With smoke filling the unit, the woman began to panic. Jason Davis and Rodney King climbed up onto the balcony to assist the woman and attempt to extinguish the fire.

Julie Cook, Karen Grayling and Gary Grayling were also alerted to the fire, and went into the unit to render assistance. Ms Cook and Mrs Grayling were able to assist the occupant to safety, while the men continued to fight the fire. Mrs Grayling subsequently returned to the unit with another fire extinguisher.

Jason Davis and Rodney King were treated at hospital for smoke inhalation, while the other three rescuers were treated with oxygen at the scene.

Julie Cook, Karen Grayling and Gary Grayling received Letters of Commendation for their actions during this incident. 


William Martin Fafie, 3 Amhurst Street, Dalmeny

for his actions in the rescue of a man from the surf at Yabbara Beach, Dalmeny.

On 22 December 2002, a young man was struck by a large wave in the surf at Dalmeny, and became separated from his boogie board.

The incident was witnessed by a number of people on the beach, and when the surfer was seen to become caught in a rip, Ben McCulloch raced to seek help at the house of William Fafie.

Fafie and McCulloch returned to the beach, and Fafie paddled out on his surfboard to rescue the stranded swimmer. From the shore, McCulloch was able to direct Fafie to the swimmer, as the surf was atrocious and visibility restricted.

Fafie eventually reached the swimmer, and although they encountered difficult conditions in the water, both returned to shore safely.

Ben McCulloch received a Letter of Commendation for his actions during this incident. 


Amy Jo Hughes, 23 King Street, Darlington Point

for her actions in the rescue of a four year old child from deepwater at Lake Cathie.

Early on the evening of 3 January 2003, Amy Hughes was walking with her father and a group of people along the path beside Lake Cathie, when she heard a cry and splashing sounds from the lake.

She noticed a person in difficulty, and her father called for her to enter the water and assist the person.

She dived into the lake and swam to the person, at that stage realising it was a young child. The water was too deep for Ms Hughes to stand up, so she swam with the child to a nearby sandbank. Her father swam to assist her, and Mr Hughes rendered assistance to the child who was coughing and vomiting uncontrollably.

Mr Hughes was able to stabilise the child and then swim with him across to the main shoreline. The child was kept warm until the arrival of the ambulance.

Stephen Hughes received a Letter of Commendation for his actions during this incident. 

29. 30. 31.  BRONZE MEDALS

Leading Senior Constable Kevin Monk, Lake Illawarra L.A.C.,

Senior Constable Nathan Matthews, Lake Illawarra L.A.C.,

Constable Christopher St Clair, Lake Illawarra L.A.C.

for their actions in the rescue of an emotionally disturbed woman from the sea at Warilla Beach.

On the evening of 28 January 2003, a mentally disturbed woman, who was known to police, entered the surf at Warilla Beach with the intention of self harm.

Police Officers Monk, Matthews and St Clair entered the water in search of the woman, and after locating her approximately 150 metres from the shore, attempted to talk her into returning to the beach. Eventually, after treading water for about 30 minutes, Matthews and St Clair were able to assist the woman back to shore. During this time, a local resident, Dr Sherrell, had entered the water on a surf board in order to prevent the distressed woman from again attempting to swim out to sea.

Once on shore, ambulance personnel conveyed the woman to hospital.

Dr Sherrell received a Letter of Commendation for his actions in this incident. 


Paul Hicks, 3/12 Fern Street, Lennox Head

for the rescue of a man from the sea at Skennars Head.

On the afternoon of 22 February 2003, a fisherman was washed off rocks at Skennars Head. He became caught in a rip, and quickly became exhausted in the choppy seas.

The man called for help to a lady on the shore, who alerted Paul Hicks who was swimming nearby. Hicks ran to the scene, and after instructing his son to call 000, he dived in to assist the struggling fisherman.

Hicks took hold of the man, and together, they were able to negotiate the treacherous sea conditions and reach shore safely.


Tom Atkins, 19 Adams Street, South Curl Curl

for the rescue of a man from the surf at South Curl Curl.

Late in the afternoon of 5 March 2003, Tom Atkins was alerted to a person in the surf at South Curl Curl, who was caught in a rip and in difficulties.

Atkins immediately entered the water on a rescue board, reached the struggling man, who grabbed hold of the board but lapsed into unconsciousness. Atkins attempted to drag the man up onto the board, but the board was swept away by a large wave.

Atkins swam with the unconscious man to a sandbank, where he was eventually joined by other swimmers, who assisted with returning the man to shore.

The man needed mouth to mouth resuscitation as his condition was very weak. Paramedics then revived the man and took him to hospital for further treatment. 

34. 35. 36. BRONZE MEDAL

Garry Maxwell Waugh, 47 Elizabeth Street, Cessnock,

Clinton James Hawes, 73 Rawson Street, Aberdare,

Ross Threadgate, 23 Comfort Avenue, Cessnock

for the rescue of a woman from a house fire at Cessnock.

In the early evening of 21 April 2003, fire broke out in the kitchen of a house at Cessnock. An elderly lady, who had been using a pressurised can of cooking oil, was knocked unconscious by the accident.

Mr Waugh, Mr Hawes and Mr Threadgate were alerted to the fire, and on arriving at the scene, Waugh and Hawes kicked down a door and entered the blazing premise on their knees. The heat and smoke were intense, and after locating the woman, Hawes tried to move the woman clear, but she was too heavy to move.

Waugh and Hawes were forced to exit the house due to the intense conditions, and at this stage, Threadgate also entered the burning house, but was unable to move the injured lady.
Hawes and Threadgate then re-entered, located the woman, and together they were able to drag her clear. Waugh assisted them at the doorway in moving the woman onto the verandah.
The woman had suffered extreme burns, and, regrettably, died two weeks later in hospital. 


Steven Paul Johnson, 35 Railway Street, Dudley

for his actions in preventing an attempted suicide at Merewether

At about 3.00pm on 21 April 2003 a woman was seen standing on a cliff face about 50 metres from ground level at Glenrock Reserve, Merewether. She was standing extremely close to the edge and appeared to be very upset and agitated.

Mr Johnson, who was bushwalking, approached her in an attempt to calm her down. He continued to speak with her, while another person contacted police.

When police arrived, the woman panicked and ran along the edge of the cliff. Johnson managed to catch her and restrain her until police intervened and moved all persons to a safer location. 


Wayne Bird, 107 Hunter Street, Lismore

for the rescue of a woman and her young child from a submerged vehicle at East Wardell.

On the afternoon of 26 April 2003, Wayne Bird witnessed a car crash into the Richmond River and begin to slowly sink.

He raced to the river’s edge, and could see a young child in a car seat and a female driver. He dived in and swam to the car. After releasing the child, and assuring the hysterical woman he would return, he swam with the child to the bank, handed the child to onlookers then returned to the car.

Although encountering difficulties, he was able to pull the woman clear of the vehicle before it sank, and return her safely to shore.


Dax Dixon, 345 Edgecliff Road, Edgecliff,

Niklas Larsson, 2/51 Imperial Ave, Bondi

for the rescue of a man from the surf at Bronte Beach.

On the morning of 19 May 2003 at Bronte Beach, Mr Dixon and Mr Larsson were returning to their vehicles after surfing, when they noticed a crowd watching a distressed male swimmer who was caught in a rip some 200 metres from shore.

The two men re-entered the surf on their boards, and after locating the extremely distressed swimmer, were able to return him to shore where he was treated by emergency services personnel.


Joanne Bunting, 11 Tarwhine Avenue, Chain Valley Bay

for her actions at the scene of a house fire at Chain Valley.

In the early morning of 19 May 2003, fire broke out in a house in Chain Valley Bay, and a man emerged from the house with his clothes alight. A woman and four children escaped from the premise unharmed.

Joanne Bunting witnessed the incident and ran to assist. Checking that the woman and children were unharmed, she went to assist the man, who was lying on the ground in front of the burning house. Although threatened by exploding glass and burning debris, she commenced to hose the man’s burning clothes and body. Other neighbours arrived and assisted Mrs Bunting in moving the man to a safer location.

Despite collapsing electricity lines, and the front portion of the burning house collapsing and showering fire debris around, Mrs Bunting continued to treat and comfort the burnt man until the arrival of ambulance personnel.

42. 43. 44. 45. BRONZE MEDALS

Sergeant Garry Dossantos, Blue Mountains L.A.C.,

Constable Alan Beattie, Chifley L.A.C.,

Ambulance Officer Mark Fulcher, Ambulance Service of NSW,

Ambulance Officer Dearne Fulcher, Ambulance Service of NSW

for their actions at the scene of a petrol tanker fire at Medlow Bath.

On the afternoon of 17 December 2002, a vehicle collision occurred on the Great Western Highway at Medlow Bath, involving a fully laden petrol tanker and a taxi. The impact of the collision trapped the taxi driver in his vehicle, and the tanker caught fire.

Police Officers Dossantos and Beattie and Ambulance Officers Mark and Dearne Fulcher were at the accident shortly after it happened. The Ambulance Officers rendered first aid to the seriously injured taxi driver, while the Police Officers ensured the area was kept free of other vehicles and personnel.

Despite the ever-present fear of a massive explosion, the four officers remained with the injured taxi driver, rendering first aid and attempting to free him.

A short time later, Fire Brigade units arrived and commenced efforts to quell the fire. Helicopter rescue was used to transport the injured man to hospital.


Joe Nooredeen, 619 Forest Road, Peakhurst,

Inspector Paul Bailey, NSW Fire Brigades,


Constable Lucas Cameron, St. George Police,

Probationary Constable Martin Brooks, St. George Police

for their actions at the scene of a petrol tanker and building fire at Rockdale.

At approximately 1.30am on 25 August 2002 a petrol tanker, carrying a large quantity of unleaded fuel, rolled over at the intersection of Frederick Street and Railway Street, Rockdale. The tanker ruptured and fuel escaped, subsequently causing power lines to catch alight, and a large fire and several explosions to occur in the surrounding area. Three parked cars were destroyed and at least five commercial businesses sustained severe fire damage. A number of residential apartments above these businesses were also severely damaged.

Joe Nooredeen lived with his family in one of these residences, and he remembers the building shaking like an earthquake, and flames entering the home.

He immediately ran through the house waking his family, as well as waking his relatives in an adjoining residence. At this time, he could see fuel and flames blocking the bottom of the stairwell of their apartments.

Nooredeen calmed his family and relatives, mustered them into a room furthest from the fire, and then obtained a ladder to assist with their escape. He was unable to obtain assistance in steadying the ladder from people nearby, because they were reluctant to approach too near the fire.

Finally, with smoke filling the apartment, Nooredeen jumped 4 metres to the ground, and, although injuring his ankles, was able to position the ladder for his family’s escape. He smashed a window to ease their exit from the apartment, and assisted with their escape via the ladder.
At this time, Constables Cameron and Brooks came to the assistance of Nooredeen and assisted some of the people to safety.

During the subsequent firefighting action at street level, Inspector Bailey, while inspecting the structural stability of one of the buildings, noticed movement at the window of one of the apartments near the fire. He then noticed a woman banging on the window and screaming for help.

Accompanied by two firefighters with breathing apparatus, Bailey immediately entered the smoke-filled premise in search of the woman. He eventually located the distressed woman, and because of the darkness and intensity of smoke, he carried the woman to safety outside the building.

Thankfully, all residents were safely evacuated from the burning premises, and the tanker driver was uninjured.

Constable Charmaine Kelly received a Letter of Commendation for her actions during this incident.


Adam Thompson, 2/5A Fairfowl Street, Dulwich Hill,

Mathew Peasley, 40 Hammon Street, Bardwell Valley

for their actions at the scene of a building fire at Petersham.

In the early evening of 10 December 2002, fire broke out in the Clarence Hotel, Petersham.
Mathew Peasley was informed that the fire was in the area of the toilets, and on checking this, was confronted with thick black smoke.
Together with Adam Thompson, they entered the smoke-filled area, after hearing a person’s cough.
Thompson kicked open the door of a cubicle and found a woman slumped on the floor. With Peasley’s assistance, they removed the woman to safety


Senior Firefighter Glenn Donald Brown, NSW Fire Brigades

for the attempted rescue of two stranded motorists from floodwaters at Bexley.

On the morning of 13 May 2003, rising floodwaters had trapped two vehicles on Bexley Road Bexley, and the drivers had climbed onto the roofs of their vehicles.
Emergency services personnel were at the scene, and because the bad weather was preventing a rescue helicopter attending, it was decided to attempt a rescue from the ground.
Senior Firefighter Brown entered the water, attached to a harness, but as he drew near to one of the vehicles, the fast flowing waters dragged him under, and his safety line became entangled on submerged fencing.

After going under several times, and being unable to free his safety line, his colleagues dragged Brown back to safety.

It was then decided it was too dangerous to attempt a further ground rescue, and news had been received that helicopter rescue was now imminent. The helicopter subsequently rescued the trapped drivers and conveyed them to Canterbury Hospital for treatment.


Senior Constable Shayne Herring, NSW Police,

for the rescue of a man drowning in a dam at Poppetts Head Reserve, Kitchener.

On the evening of 21 May 2003, police answered a call to attend Poppetts Head Reserve, Kitchener, where shots had been heard.

On arriving, police spoke to a man, who ran towards the dam, entered the water, and began swimming towards the opposite side.

Police attempts to call the man from the water failed, and on noticing the swimmer in difficulties, Detective Senior Constable Herring entered the water, and swam out to where the man had bee last seen. Herring dived under, located the man, dragged him to the surface and swam him back to the shore.

Regrettably, attempts to revive the man failed.


Emma-Lea Miller, 4/13 Manning Street, Rozelle,

for the rescue of her seven year old niece from an attempted abduction at Chatswood.

On 7 June 2003, Emma-Lea Miller was walking along Robinson Street, Chatswood with her two young nieces, when a transit van pulled up alongside them.

A woman alighted from the van, ran towards one of the young girls and forced her into the front seat of the van.

Emma immediately ran at the woman and started to drag her away from the young girl. Emma grabbed the woman’s hair, causing the woman to fall backwards.

Emma then grabbed the young girl from the van, screamed at her to run home, at the same time picking up her other young niece and running off with her.

The offending woman was later arrested at Willoughby, and charged with attempted abduction.


Kurt Michael Johnson, 25 Burbank Drive, Tuggerah,


Samantha Jane Neubeck, 11 Reeves Street, Narara

for their actions in coming to the assistance of a school girl who had been physically assaulted at Narara.

On the morning of 20 June 2003, a young girl was walking to school at Narara when she was seriously assaulted by a man, who knocked her unconscious, fracturing her skull.

Kurt Johnson witnessed the attack, and shouted at the man who was dragging the girl into the bushes. Johnson ran after the man, who had a vehicle hidden nearby, and was successful in recording the vehicle’s registration.

At the same time, Samantha Neubeck ran to the assistance of the injured girl and was able to comfort her until the arrival of ambulance personnel.

The injured girl was subsequently treated at Westmead Children’s Hospital, and later that day, the offender was arrested.


Probationary Constable Shae Heron, NSW Police,


Craig McLeod, 11/5 Wylde Street, Potts Point

for their actions in the rescue of a man from hanging at a block of home units.

Early on the morning of 23 June 2003, Probationary Constable Heron, while walking along Elizabeth Bay Road, noticed a man hanging from a third floor balcony unit, with an electrical cord around his neck. She immediately shouted fro help, and began scaling the wall up to the balcony where the man was.

Craig McLeod, who lived on the second floor of the unit block, was alerted by the shouts, and then noticed the hanging man. He cut the man down, and dragged him onto his balcony.
After an extremely difficult climb, Heron reached McLeod’s balcony, and immediately placed the rescued man in the recovery position. As CPR was about to be commenced, the man began breathing.

At this stage, a Doctor, who had been nearby, arrived at the scene, and administered first aid until the arrival of ambulance personnel.

59. BRONZE MEDAL (Posthumous)

Robert Jones.

On the morning of 25 July 1995, Robert Jones was driving a Brambles vehicle, as part of his security guard duties. He parked the vehicle outside a Westpac Bank in Miranda, and went inside the premise to ascertain the particular banks requirements.

Jones gave instructions to one of his accompanying guards, who entered the bank to collect money, while he took up a position at the rear of the vehicle, where he had a substantial view of the surrounding area.

As the accompanying guard was depositing the money into the vehicle, a man wearing a balaclava and brandishing a shotgun, burst from a fire exit doorway and shouted “Get Down”.

Jones drew his revolver, shouted “Look Out”, and was then immediately struck by a shotgun blast to his chest. He was treated by paramedics at the scene, transported to hospital, but died later that afternoon.

It should be noted, that the consideration of this case has been delayed pending the outcome of the coronial inquest. This is still outstanding, as no perpetrator of this crime has been apprehended.

Letters of Commendation

During the year, the following awards were also made:

Senior Constable Sharon Johnson, NSW Police

Bev Simpson,
Blakehurst, NSW

Raymond James Buddee,
Kelso, NSW

Don John Mackay,
Moree, NSW

Dawn Veronica Wells,
Cessnock, NSW

James McCraig,
Millfield, NSW

Glen Austin,
Birmingham Gardens, NSW

John Duff,
Nulkaba, NSW

Station Officer Martin Steltzer,
Fairlight, NSW

Firefighter Adam Hastie,
Padstow, NSW

Mohamed Sabra,
Allawah, NSW

Kassem Sabra,
Carlton, NSW

Julie Cook,
Moorabbin, VIC

Karen Lesley Grayling,
Lilydale, VIC

Garry Bruce Grayling,
Lilydale, VIC

Ben McCulloch,
Dalmeny, NSW

Stephen Hughes,
Wagga Wagga, NSW

Dr Len Sherrell,
Dapto, NSW

Constable Charmaine Kelly,
NSW Police

Michaela Dubos,
St Clair, NSW

Snr Constable Leanne Woolsey,
NSW Police

Constable Shane Myers,
NSW Police